Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

Tableau is slowly but surely becoming the industry standard for Business Intelligence solutions whereas Microsoft excels with their Power BI offerings. This year marks the first time when I will be launching my online course on Microsoft Excel, targeting Industrial Organization analytics. This marks the end of an era for Microsoft Excel as a BI tool and a promising year for the future of the Excel user.
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Till now, we are offering this auto-renewing Tableau Desktop Specialist certification course with benefits such as practice exams, datasheet, whiteboard, management tips, and project templates to all our Chartered Accountants. Once enrolled in the course, you will get access to a few reminders as well, once each week, once the course ends. With the auto-renew option, you will get an alert confirming the course duration and also the auto-renew payment method at the end of the course. The auto-renew option is subject to your acceptance of the course terms & conditions.

Coursedx is a digital training provider, that offers this best-of-breed Tableau Desktop Specialist certification training through video webinars for Business Intelligence professionals. Whether you are new to Tableau or an accomplished Tableau user, this class is curated by a group of Tableau experts, that have over 8 to 10 years of Tableau experience. The subjects offered in this course are as per the areas of Tableau expertise. We have a large screen ideally suited for presenting knowledge, that you will be learning through these video lectures. You will be working on real-life projects with actual business cases in the first week of the class. During the second week, you will finish working projects that would provide real-life evidence to improve your knowledge in your chosen area. During the last week of the 30-day course, you can get one last chance to earn real-life case studies and quotes for strengthening your certification. Till now, this best-of-breed Tableau Desktop Specialist certification course is available for enrollment.
Tableau is a leading enterprise software product that excels in data visualization, data mining, and predictive analytics. Tableau was first released all the way back in 1997, and it has rapidly evolved into a robust Data analytics software.
Coursedx is a strategic communications and IT consulting firm that has evolved this excel software to be a universal data visualization tool etc. with great versatility and power. Coursedx offers over 10 years of advanced Tableau Training online. This Tableau Desktop Specialist certification is co-developed with renowned Tableau experts and covers v1.8 coding topics with real-life industry case studies. All the prerequisite knowledge is already covered by Coursedx experts prior to enrolling. A lot of effort goes into this experience, so you will get a perfect in-depth education on the latest version of Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. Please do not forget to avail the best online Tableau Desktop Specialist certification by Coursedx.

Tableau’s cloud-based Data Management tool comes with Intro to Tableau, Flying Mouse, and Pipeline packages pre-installed on it. These bundled packages give you a comprehensive and interactive Tableau Desktop Specialist certification experience in a very short time. Thus, your learning experience is made a breeze.
A free Tableau 10 user license is required to access the online interactive training courses. However, if you register for your Tableau Desktop Specialist certification online training, you will be given a one-time discount code to avail the full training. Please note that once the one-time discount code is used, you will need to re-subscribe to the full course to avail the discount.