Aws Certification

AWS Certification Solution Architect- Associate is the AWS certified solution architect-in-the-making for development organizations that have the necessary expertise in building, deploying, and supporting large-scale Blockchain and IoT solutions on AWS.
‘The AWS Certified Solution Architect- The associate program is a comprehensive program designed to train certified professionals in the principles and practices of AWS including at-scale application development and sustained security operations on public and private cloud environments. It consists of four tracks:
The certification is also valid as a contract of employment. Certifications are granted after successful completion of all training prior to taking the exam.”
The AWS Certification Solution Architect – Associate is an industry-recognized, comprehensive, engineering-level qualification. As such, you are guaranteed a spot in the top percentile of candidates based on combined exam and interview response rates. The certification certificates are only valid for three years (60–99 months), which means if you don’t get certified before then, you technically can’t get it anymore. I’m not too fussed about the waiting period, just that you can’t get your certification retroactively, and therefore can’t be redundant at work.
Although I’ve had a fair bit of experience with AWS, I’m still excited by AWS and don’t want to waste effort on something that I may or may not even use. Training and exams just cost too much, and we only have so much cash/hours/brainpower to spend. I generally start to doubt whatever certification process I go through as I go through the stages (100 questions, 25 min training, 50 min exam, 100 questions), so I wanted to hold off just a bit to make sure.
That said, I’m really happy with the software-as-a-service on my choice of AWS Certification. The self-service portal has been great for getting up and running and basically allows me to add any of my dependencies (PhpMyAdmin, PGL, Redis, rails, etc…), directly integrate with any server I want, deploy and run my applications as I see fit and just pick up the phone and call a support agent to help me if I have any problems. Not to mention, all my data is backed up (more on that later) and data is instantly accessible (read more about instant security recovery later). This makes me feel a lot more comfortable continuing to use AWS private servers. Of course, this flexibility also comes with the cost of you having to have somebody else maintain those servers. AWS provides you with a full-stack, fully managed marketplace to host all your applications and services (go get your own AWS Consultant today — there is no one better than the ones you work with).
So, my decision to keep investing in AWS just came down to permanent employment vs not jumping the gun (getting certified before your first year of fully working with AWS). But, that is a discussion for another time.
The questions for the AWS Certification are fairly straightforward:
As I’m sure you can tell, it can be quite a lot of questions to understand just why an AWS Certification Solution Architect – Associate is necessary and what the specific process is for certifying specialists needed for this position. I give details below some of the most prominent questions you will be asked during the exam:
Because of what I described above as being a verified past AWS Certification employee, we had setup a little workaround on preparing for the exam.