Today, software testing is an integral part of the development process. To reduce the time spent on testing, many companies opt for test automation. However, automation capabilities move beyond speed increase and include test coverage enhancement and overall QA costs optimization in the long run.

Moreover, test automation is a well-tailored process with defined stages. In software development, speed is king: whoever can roll out bug-free updates the fastest wins the market. While tech companies already know this, the rest of the business community is quickly catching on. Senior leaders at companies are recognizing that their businesses — whether their primary industry is car manufacturing or food service or finance — are also becoming a software business. Software now controls factories, manages inventory, trades stocks and increasingly is the most important interface with customers.

Automation is revolutionizing the art of software testing. With these techniques, you can speed up the pace of software delivery, improve quality, and stay relevant in your career as a tester. Learn the fundamentals and get hands-on practice with Selenium, Python, and other test automation tools.

Testing Tools training program at CourseDx focuses on providing training on a collection of Manual and Automated testing applications and tools. Testing is one of the key activities associated with any software development life cycle process. For any application to be released for customer use, Quality assurance and certification are a very important process. Testing tools and applications facilitate this. Testing processes are a major source of employment across software industry verticals.

We, at CourseDx, provide the students with sessions that are suitable for the students according to their needs and capabilities. We facilitate students with 2 packages that can be modified or tailored according to the student’s and the parent’s satisfaction.

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